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Sliding Shelf
Now THIS is convenient
   Just pull out the shelf, get
     what you want, and slide
     the shelf back. 

    Full Depth Sliding Shelf

From Only 24.79 each
* Premium Baltic Birch
This Sliding Shelf uses our
    unique 9-ply Baltic Birch. 



   Our Sliding Shelf store is chock-full of  creative ideas to solve your kitchen storage  problems.

     We've worked hard to make sure you'll be  able to find exactly what you need to make  life easier in your kitchen.

    No more digging on your hands and  knees.  Kitchen Sliding Shelves will bring  what you want right out to you.   

     Just pull the shelf out, get what you  want, and slide the shelf back. Wow! what  could be easier than that ?

Extra Deep
Sliding Shelf
* 5-3/4" Tall Sides and Back
More than twice as tall as
     our regular Sliding Shelves.

Extra-Tall Sliding Shelf  
* Rated for up to a 75# load
Stack it up.  This Sliding Shelf
    is attractive, but TOUGH. 
* Made to be used.
100,000 open/close cycles
and it's still going strong. 

Custom Sizes

All of our Sliding Shelves are made  to fit your cabinets. 

    Custom-Sized widths are not an extra cost. 
    We will also make shorter or longer Pull-Out Shelves.  If you need help ordering different lengths, e-mail or call.  We'll be happy to help.
1-800-725-1628 9:am-8:pm Central, Mon-Sat
* Made by skilled craftsmen
* Why pay more ?

9-Ply Baltic Birch

   We use strong 9-ply Baltic Birch to build your Sliding Shelves.  The extra layers (normally plywood is only 5 layers) make this material  exceptionally strong. 
    It's attactive, too.  Stains well, or just use a clear coat.

 Did You Know ?

We make Sliding Shelves for... 

  • Kitchen Cabinets
    Linen Closets
    RV's and Campers
    Vanity Cabinets

Highest quality means you get a LIFETIME WARRANTY

Pull Out
Tray Storage

 * 9-3/4" Tall Sides
Keep trays upright, and
     easy to find. No hunting. 

Pull Out Tray Storage  
Easy access to Flatware
Store Cookie Sheets, Muffin Pans, large lids and shallow Tupperware containers.
*  It's just so CONVENIENT.

Glide Selection


  *  3/4-Extension Glides
       Pull out about 3/4 of the
       length of the glide used.
       A 22" glide pulls out 16-1/2".

 *   Full-Extension Glides 
       Pulls out the full length of
       the glide used.  
          A 22" glide pulls out 22".

 *  Hidden  Glides
       Installs underneath the
Shelf, so they
       are hidden from view when
       the shelf is pulled out. Your
       Sliding Shelf will be
1" wider
       using Hidden Glides.

         A 22" glide pulls out 16-1/2"
   For more information, see GLIDES.

Pull Out
Lid Storage

* 3 Compartment Sizes

    Store any size lid. Even those
    Insulated cup lids that get lost.   

Pull Out Lid and Tray Storage  
* Custom sized
Every Kitchen Sliding Shelf is
    made to fit YOUR cabinet.

* Paint or Stain - Your choice
* All joints glued...  Texas Strong !
    Every Kitchen Sliding Shelf is
    Built to last.
Everything included For Easy Installation.
We'll make you Happy
 *    We've been buil
ding and
        shipping Pull Out Shelves
        Sliding Shelves for many

      We're able to stay in
        business that long by
        having happy customers. 
 *    That means a Sliding Shelf
        fits when you receive it,
        and it's easy to install.
       It also means a Pull-Out
        Shelf will last.  Quality,
        built right in.
Printer Shel
Use it, Slide it back in place
   Put your printer in it's place.
     Slide it out when you need it.
Pull Out Printer Shelf  
Stain or Paint to Match
Match it up with your desk
    colors or match the printer.
    It's your choice.
 Here's just one
Sliding Glide Test
* Dynamic Wear Test 


* The Glides are subjected to
    100,000 openings and
    closings with a total weight
    of 75 lbs. on a 22" Glide Set


High-Back Shel
Sloped for easy visual
     See everything on your
     Sliding Shelf, but with a tall
     back to keep tall things from
     falling off. 
High-Back Sliding Shelf   
Versatile Sliding Shelf
Store just about anything on
    this handy Pull-Out Shelf. 
This may be the best idea
    Since sliced bread.  
* Roomy.  Plenty of storage.

Of Course
You want value
*  And we Know it.
So we use our Premium Baltic
     Birch to build the Sliding Shelf.

     We use Life-time warranted
     glides, of the highest quality.

     Our Craftsmen (and ladies)
     have the skill to build a sturdy,
     and very attractive
     Sliding Shelf.

     Each of us take pride in the
     quality of work we do.  From
     making sure your order of
     Pull-Out Shelves will fit before
     we make it, to the Skilled work
     to actually make the Sliding
     Shelf, to the careful packing in
     the shipping department.

     All designed to make sure you
     get the best value available.

Super-Size Shelf

* GREAT for Pots & Pans
   7-1/4" Tall Sides keep nested
    pots from tipping over.

Super Tall Sliding Shelf 
* Available up to 30" wide
A couple of these giants will
    create convenient storage for
    ALL your pots and pans. 
Another better idea from
    Kitchen Sliding Shelves.
* Everything is included
    for easy installation.

Sliding Shelves from

       Have you ever opened your kitchen cabinet and could not find what you needed? There were pots and pans stacked in front of Tupperware stacked in front of cereal bowls. And when you did find what you needed, it was invariably in the back of the cabinet. This can be solved with one simple edition to your kitchen decor...  Sliding Shelves.


      Think of the possibilities. Never again will you spend as much time restocking your shelf as you did finding what you needed. Even in a small, confined place, you can slide out the shelf, grab what you need, and roll the shelf back into place.


Places sliding shelves can be added


      Sliding Shelves can be added almost anywhere in your house. But the kitchen is the most used room in your house, so let's start there. The kitchen, and by extension, the pantry, are popular places to utilize the Slide Out Shelves. For the chef in your household, Kitchen Sliding Shelves can be used for everything from the cabinet where pots and pans are stored to that easy to access pantry you have always wanted. Pantry Sliding Shelves are very useful for storing the many can goods and boxed goods that most chefs, or like me, wannabe chefs, use every night.


Custom-made sliding shelves


      Sliding shelves from are custom-made to fit your individual situation. This is especially useful for small, confined cabinet spaces where using the most storage possible is a definite plus. For instance, let's say you live in an apartment and shelf space is limited. At least two entire cabinets are usually reserved for use as a pantry because many apartment complexes do not come with pantries. That drastically takes away from the cabinet space for the many glasses, plates, pots and pans you have in your culinary arsenal. Slide Out Shelves add to the remaining space by giving each item its own assigned place and utilizing every inch possible. Never again will you have canned goods taking up space usually reserved for much taller items. Now the empty space above the canned goods can be utilized as well. How you use your Sliding Shelf is limited only by your imagination.


      There's nothing better for the "neat freak" in your home than to find everything where it should be. Sliding Shelves could conceivably give that  "neat freak"  in all of us exactly what we need.



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